Grow in water capsule - Sea Animals

12 pcs sea animals in a capsule. Put the capsule in water to see tiny sponge animal coming out of it. Put it in hte bath tub to make bathing fun for little ones !! Learning resources, kids are easy to distinguish the realistic animals. Fun to play with, a must toy for young one to start learning animals.Made from Non Toxic foam material covered in capsule. Not just an ordinary play stuff but a great educative equipment for brain development! Expose your kids and let them recognise the different  members of the animal kingdom. Enhances visual perception.

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Key Features

  • Expands in water 
  • Realistic looking creatures
  • Enhances visual perception
  • Boosts brain development
  • 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly,
  • BPA Free & non-phthalate, and lead-free
  • Great fun for kids to see animals coming from capsule

Type - Growing Sea Animal Figures
Age - 3 to 12 Years
Dimension - 4-5 cms of animal
Material: Sponge animal inside water-solvable capsules

Items Included in the Package
Pack of 12 Growing Sea Animal Figures

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