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Toys Pack

This pack is for all the little ones who just love to play ...

Pack contains :

1. Slime
2. Metal Toy Yo Yo 
3. Jumper emoji
4. Small Bouncing Ball
5. Thank You card
6. Goody Bag

032+Goody Bag
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Height of the barrel - 4.8 cms 

Width : 4 cms
Real Slimy Slime barrel for kids.   Shipped in assorted colours
1 Metal Toy Yo Yo 

Diameter 2 inch

Height 2 inch

The high speed high-precision yo-yo is made  of light weight diecast metal.

Characters assorted -Iron Man/Hulk//Thor/Captain America

1 Jumper emoji 9 cms Press the head of the jumper and release it. See it bounce  to a great heights !!!!
1 Bouncing Ball 2 cms diameter Colourful little tiny high Bouncing Balls also called Power  Ball or Super Ball to make the party more fun.
1 Thank You Card  9 * 5 cms Thank You card to thank the guests who attended the party and wished the birthday boy/girl
1 Goody Bag  20*15 cms Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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