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Butterfly Combo Pack

Attractive Butterfly themed Goody Bag with assorted item in it. Ideal as a return gift for the birthday parties.

This lovely butterfly pack is full of colours

1. Butterfly Clip

2. Butterfly Wall Decor Sticker

3. Boom Pencil With Eraser

4. Lipstick eraser

5. Glow in Dark kit - Butterfly

6. Thank You card

7. Goody Bag

Shipped in assorted colours and design

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      1    Butterfly Clip  7.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 0.8 cm

Attractive Butterfly shaped hair clips in assorted colours

     1    Butterfly wall Decor Sticker 12*14 cms.

Decorate your kids room with Unique 3D butterfly design. Double layer, vivid and beautiful. Can be folded to make a 3D effect easily.

      1    Boom Pencil With  Eraser 18*2 cms

Attractive Boom Pencils with equally attractive fancy eraser tops for the kids.

      1    Lipstick eraser  7*1.5*1.5 cms

Pretty little lipstick shaped erasers in assorted themes

      1    Glow in Dark kit - Butterfly 19 x 14 cms(package)

Expose these different types of Butterfly stickers (sized 8 cm x 5 cm) to a light source for several minute and watch Fluorescent Stickers glow in the dark. 12 Butterfly Stickers in each pack.

      1   Thank You card 9 * 5 cms

Thank You card to thank the guests who attended the party and wished the birthday boy/girl

      1    Goody Bag 20*15 *6 cms Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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