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Chota Puzzle Pack

"Challenge Your Limits" This Brain training pack will challenge the kids in a constructive and creative path.

Contents : 
- 1 DIY Mini Model 
- 1 Rubics Cube (Small size)
- 1 Block Puzzle pencil
- 1 Jigsaw Puzzle (Assorted Design)

- 1 Goody Bag & Thank You card


Recommended for ages 6 and above

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DIY Mini Model 3-5 cms Miniature models can be made using this tiny piece of paper. Assemble them to make model toy,  remove them and make them again. Unlimited fun with this tiny model 
1 Mini Rubics Cube 3*3*3 cms

Benefits of solving a Rubik's Cube: Enhancing hand eye coordination, better problem-solving skills, improved mathematical ability, enhancing spatial recognition of 3-d shapes and perfect brain exercise helping in removing electronic devices addiction. Solid and smooth design for handling.

1 Push Block pencil 15 cms  Remove lead and join them for fun. Infinite possibility to make forms and blocks. Pencil is non-sharpening Push pencils. First Quality & High grade. Saves both time and money. 
1 Jigsaw Puzzle  14*14 cms 

* 12 pieces

* made of thick paper

* re-usable

* Shipped in assorted character and theme( Cars, Spider man, Butterfly, Dinosaurs, Super hero etc) 

1 Thank You Card  9 * 5 cms Thank You card to thank the guests who attended the party and wished the birthday boy/girl
1 Goody Bag  20*15 cms Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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Budget Pack

Budget pack

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