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New Twinkle Pack

Deal like never before !! LIMITED STOCK !!!!! LAST few left .. 

Twinkle pack for the little stars out there. 

This pack is full of surprises !!


1. Activity/Puzzle Book

2. Tattoo Sheet 

3. Birthday Sticker

4. Pencil with eraser top 

5. Mini Colouring Book

6. Thank You card

7. Assorted Goody Bag

031 + Goody Bag
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Activity/Puzzle Book

11* 13 cms 

60 pages of unlimited activities in a book. Match the following, join the dots, crossword, colouring and many more. 

1 Pencil with Animal Eraser on top 19 cms

Pencil with eraser on top of it. Write and erase the mistakes. Single product with dual purpose. Attractive pencil and eraser makes writing more fun. 

Light weight enables easy writing

1 Birthday Sticker 14 cms Happy Birthday Party Theme stickers in cute shapes of cake , caps, Balloons etc.
1 Tattoo    13 * 8 cms Tattoo to apply on arms. Cut the desired image and remove the thin plastic sheet on it.  Place the tattoo on the arm and wet it. Gently rub the tattoo and press it for few seconds. Remove the tattoo slowly and see it transferred  on your arms.
1 Mini Colouring Book 7*10 cms

Mini Colouring Book in assorted themes for little artists. 

Pocket notebook sized colouring book in various themes and cartoon characters like Angry Bird, Barbie, Dora, Spider man, and many more

1 Thank You Card  9 * 5 cms Thank You card to thank the guests who attended the party and wished the birthday boy/girl
1 Goody Bag  20*15 cms Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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