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Astronaut Space Combo Pack

The Space Combo Pack consists of-

  • Space theme Mechanical Pencil
  • Rocket LED Keychain
  • Glow in the Dark space theme
  • Space Theme  Water game
  • Thank you Card
  • Animal Goody Bag
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Space theme Water game

8 x 14.5 x 1

The High quality Plastic Space theme Water Game enhances the ability of children to react and develop imagination, Eye to  hand co-ordination.

1 Space theme Mechanical Pencil 13 Mechanical pencil with space alien characters on it. Non Sharpening pencil makes it easy to write. 
1 Glow in the dark sticker

Package size

18.5 x 12. 5

Moon, stars and other shaped fluorescent stickers which absorb light and glow in the darkness. Break off a tiny piece of the adhesive tape and apply to the back of each toy.

1 Rocket LED Keychain 6 x 2 Rocket key chain with LED light. Dual purpose product. 
1 Thank You Card  9 x 5  Thank You card to thank the guests who attended the party and wished the birthday boy/girl.
1 Goody Bag  17 x 22 x 7.5. cms Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

All Products shipped in assorted design and colour. 

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