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Jungle Animal Combo Pack

The Jungle Safari Combo Pack is an assorted goody bag with  items

This pack contains: 

1.Animal Theme Stickers

2. Re-Writable Sheet

3. Foldable shades

4. Cute Animal Eraser

5.Paper Goody Bag

All products shipped in assorted design and colours

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This pack contains

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About the Product:


 Product Details

Dimensions Use
1` Foldable Sunglasses 8 x 8 cm when folded, 15 x 13 cm when opened. This fun and attractive Colorful Foldable Sunglasses will make the little ones look super trendy!!

1 Animal Sticker  17x7 cms Attractive and bright animal stickers for project work or fun work.


 Re-Writable Sheet

14x21 cm

 Erasable, Glossy Writing  Sheet Comes with a Free Pen and Attached Duster.


Cute Animal Eraser

3x4x4 cm

Cute erasers in assorted designs of animals

1 Paper Goody Bag  17 x 22 x 7.5. cms Attractive paper  Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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