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Brain Teaser Combo Pack

This is the perfect combo to challenge your limits!!

This Brain twister puzzle pack will challenge the kids in a constructive and creative path.

The pack contains:

1. Design Ruler

2.Snake Puzzle

3.Smart Activity Book

4.Maze Puzzle  Push Pencil

5. Goody Bag

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About the product:

Quantity Product Dimension (cm x cm) Usage
1 Design Ruler 20x 10 

Contains: 1 ruler with drawing tool and 3 circles to draw patterns

Usage: Place the ruler on a sheet of plain paper. Place the small circle provided inside the ring. The point of a pen is placed in one of the holes of the circle. As the circle is moved, the pen traces out a curve. Pens of various colors can be used, to add texture and color to the design by switching colors in a set pattern or a random fashion.

1 Snake Puzzle 5*3.5cms in package 
  • Twist the puzzle in specified direction and make exciting models of Dog, Gun, Cube and many more 
  • More than 30 models can be made using this 
  • Improves brain power 
1  Push Pencil 20 x 4 No sharpening smooth writing push pencil with a removable  toy, with maze puzzle on the top.
1 Smart Activity Book

11 x 14 cm

16 pages of non-stop activity and fun with the puzzle book. 

Match the following, join the dots, crossword, colouring and many more.

1  Goody Bag 20 x 15 x 6 cm A bright and colorful assorted colors goody bag, perfect to give the return gifts at the parties.

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