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Dino Potpourri (25 Pcs)

  • 25 Pcs Dino Pinata/ Khoi fillers package contains: 5 Pcs Dino erasers, 5 Pcs Grow in Water, 5 Pcs 3D Dino Stickers, 5 Pcs Glow in the Dark Stickers and 5 Pcs Dino Magic water Book

  • Perfect for Dino pinata fillers, Dino Party Prizes, Trick or Treat, Dino Prizes, Dino giveaways, Dino Goodies, Dino Toys, Miniature DinoDino Goody Bag Fillers, Dino Treats for Kids,

  • Different Style:The best colorful and diverse Dino toys will add a lot of fun to your kid's party

  • ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING ON HAND! This collection will take you a long way. Super Value High-Quality Collection. best seller toy assortment for boys and girls which will bring incredible fun to your kids and their friends!
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1 Glow In Dark

Paste the glow sticker(self adhesive tape provided) set on the clean and smooth wall.

Ensure the stickers absorb the light about 15-30 minutes under the light, then turn off the light you will see a magic starry sky view on your eyes.

If you want to take them off, please use a hair dryer to blow the wall stickers for a few seconds first and then will tear it off easily,

Package contains 8-10 stickers of 5-7 cm

2 Magic Colouring Book
15 x 19 cm book with a Pen of 13 cm.

Fill the pen provided with the book with water. Color the page with the wet nib of the pen and watch the magic. After painting, you need to wait for the picture to dry before you can close it. The book has a total of five pages for water painting and four pages for painting. The water paint can be reused.

3 Dino Eraser

Cute erasers in assorted designs and colours of Dino

4 3D Sticker 17 x 5 cm
Attractive and bright Dino stickers for project work or fun work. The backside of the sticker sheet has another activity-Coloring.
5 Grow in Water 5x6 cm Place it in water for about 72 hours. It will expand 600% as original ones. Seriously BIG FUN!. Also an educational experience. Can be dried out and then grown again.

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