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Girls Combo Pack

Girls Combo pack for all the little Girls out there !!!

Girls Pack contains the below products 

1. Flower Tiara Hairband

2.Paper Wallet Girls theme

3.Fleece Hairband

4.Stickers with Colouring Sheet

5 Eye Mask 

6. Finger Ring

7. Girls Theme Slap Band

8. Printed Paper Goody Bag

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About  the Product:

This pack is loaded with fun items and activities.  

Good birthday return gift option for girls of age group above 3 years. 

Quantity  Product Details Dimensions (cms) Uses
1 Flower Tiara Headband 15 x 10cms Super cute braided flower hairbands for the cute little girls!!!
1 Eye Mask 16 x 7cms Beautiful Frozen-themed eye masks, perfect for an Elsa-themed party.
1 Stickers with colouring sheet 24 x 10 cms Each sheet has cute stickers of various Unicorn on one side and provision to color the drawing on the backside of the sheet. 

1 Fleece Hairband Fits all age group Colorful and Fancy fleece Rubber bands for the little darlings.

1 Paper Wallet 10x 8 cms Eco friendly, water resistant, tear proof paper wallets can be used to keep currency, fun cards, coins, photo- a way to introduce safe keeping of money
1 Cute Finger ring

1.5 cm in diameter

Adjustable finger rings for kids. Available in assorted designs like children cartoon animals, fruits, flowers, etc.
1 Slap Band

22x3 cm

Bring back nostalgia with hep/ snap bracelets. One size fits all.
1 Printed Paper Goody Bag 

6 x 22 x 7.5cms

Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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