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Animal Combo Pack

The Animal Combo Pack is an assorted goody bag with attractive items

This pack contains: 

1. Glow in the dark- Animal Stickers

2. 3D Animal Sticker

3. Slap Band- Animal Theme

4. Grow in Water-Animal

5. Animal eraser

6.  Goody Bag

All products shipped in assorted design and colours

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This pack contains

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Quantity Product Description Dimention Uses
1 Grow In Water 5x5x1 cms

Place it in water for about 72 hours. It will expand 600% as original ones. Can be dried out and then grown again.Seriously BIG FUN!. Also an educational experience. Shipped in assorted Character: Animals, Aquatic Creatures/Dinosaurs. Size :5-6 cms approximately.Grows to become 10-15 cms

1 Animal Slap Band

22 x 3 cm

These are fun to wear and fun to show off. One size fits most. Jungle Theme Slap bands for little ones. Shipped in assorted colours and designs
1 Animal Sticker  12 x 5 cm

Assorted Glossy Animal Stickers, ideal return gift for kids.

Each sheet has cute stickers of various animals.

1 Glow In the Dark 4 x 13.5  cms Animal shaped fluorescent stickers which absorb light and glow in the darkness. Break off a tiny piece of the adhesive tape and apply it to the back of each toy.
1 Eraser 4x5x1 cm Cute animal eraser in assorted designs.
1 Goody Bag 22x17x7 cm A bright and colorful paper bag, perfect to give the return gifts at the parties.

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