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Jurassic Dinosaur Combo Pack

Dinosaurs Pack for all the little Jurassic Fans out there !!!

Dino Pack contains the following products 

1.Magic Colour Book Dino

2. Stickers with Colouring Sheet-Dino

3. Dino- Eraser

4.Grow in water- Dino

5. Glow in the Dark Stickers- Dino

6.Slap Band-Dino

7. Dino Sack Bag

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This pack is loaded with fun items and activities.  

Good birthday return gift option for kids of age group above 3 years. 

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Magic Water Book

15 x 19 cm book with a Pen of 13 cm. Fill the pen provided with the book with water. Color the page with the wet nib of the pen and watch the magic

After painting, you need to wait for the picture to dry before you can close it. The book has a total of five pages for water painting and four pages for painting. The water paint can be reused.


Slap Band

22x3 cm Bring back the nostalgia with these hep bracelets! Also known as "snap bracelets".These are fun to wear and fun to show off. One size fits most.
1 Grow In Water 5-6 cms grows to 10-15 cms  Place it in water for about 72 hours. It will expand 600% as original ones. Can be dried out and then grown again.Seriously BIG FUN!. Also an educational experience. Shipped in assorted Character: Animals, Aquatic Creatures/Dinosaurs. Size :5-6 cms approximately.Grows to become 10-15 cms.
1 Sticker 24x 10 cm Each sheet has cute stickers of various Dino on one side and provision to color the drawing on the backside of the sheet.
1 Dino Eraser 6* 4 cms 

Eye-catching eraser, perfect to attract kids.

1 Glow In the Dark  Package size 18.5*12.5cms Each pack Contains 8 - 10 stickers. Paste the glow sticker(self adhesive tape provided) set on the clean and smooth wall. Ensure the stickers absorb the light about 15-30 minutes under the light, then turn off the light you will see a magic starry sky view on your eyes. 
1 Dino Sack Bag  28 x 34 cm Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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