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Jumbo Combo

This is a jumbo combo pack for the mighty hearts. This pack contains a complete package of Fun, Utility, and style.

1. Kaleidoscope

2. Slap band-assorted theme

3. Smiley Jumper

4. Paper Wallet - Assorted design

5. Glow In Dark Stickers

6. Paper Goody Bag

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16x3.5 cm
  • See live images in wonderful designs and patterns. Non-Stop fun for children
1 Glow in the Dark Stickers 18.5*12.5cms
  • Expose the stickers to a light source for several minutes and watch the Fluorescent Stickers glow in the dark.
  • Product Features: Stars,Smiley, galaxy, Numbers, Animlas and other shapes and design Fluorescent stickers. 
  • Absorbs light and glows in the darkness
  • Break off a tiny piece of the adhesive and apply to the back of each sticker. 
  • Do not use fluorescent stickers on fresh paint or wallpaper.
  • Pack Contains 8 - 10 stickers
1 Slap Band 22 x 3 cms

Bring back the nostalgia with these hep bracelets! Also known as "snap bracelets".

These are fun to wear and fun to show off. One size fits most.

1 Paper Wallet  10 x 8 cm  Eco friendly, water resistant , tear proof open wallet.
1 Smiley Jumper 9 x 3 cms To operate, simply stand the elf on a flat surface, push down on the head so that the mesh body compresses, then release quickly for some high-flying fun!
1 Goody Bag  24x16x6 cms Assorted Colors Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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