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Superhero Avenger Combo Pack

This is the perfect combo as a return gift to kids on  Superhero Avenger Theme Party. 

Avengers Combo Pack contains

  1. Toy Top Sharpener
  2. Avenger Keychain
  3. Glow in the Dark Stickers 
  4. Avengers Pencil
  5. Avengers Sticker
  6. Goody Bag 

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This pack contains

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Glow in the Dark Stickers

18.5 x 12.5 cms

Each pack Contains 8 - 10 stickers. Paste the glow sticker(self adhesive tape provided) set on the clean and smooth wall. Ensure the stickers absorb the light about 15-30 minutes under the light, then turn off the light you will see a magic view on your eyes

1 Avengers Keychain 7 cm x 5 cm

Can be used as keychain for your keys or as key rings to the zip of the bag. 

1 Avengers Stickers 17 x 5 cm
  • Attractive and bright, Peel and Stick Avenger stickers for project work or fun work.
1 Avengers Pencil 17 cm Fancy Avenger pencils  for the cute little kids!!!
1 Toy Top Sharpener 5 x 4.5 cm Toy top Sharpener for mending the broken lead of a pencil. These sharpeners have a container for collecting pencil shavings. 
1 Goody Bag 16 x 24 x 6 cm

A bright and colorful paper goody bag, perfect to give the return gifts at the parties

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