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Jumbo Combo

This is a jumbo combo pack for the mighty hearts. This pack contains a complete package of Fun, Utility, and style.

1. Glow in the Dark Stickers

2. Gyro Chariot- Friction powered Car

3. Invisible Ink Pen

4. Keychains in assorted Theme

5. Football Whistle

6. Paper Goody Bag

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Glow in Dark Stickers


Each pack Contains 8 - 10 stickers. Paste the glow sticker (self adhesive tape provided) set on the clean and smooth wall. Ensure the stickers absorb the light about 15-30 minutes under the light, then turn off the light you will see a magic view on your eyes

1 Gyro Chariot 5 X3 cm

Operating the Gyro Chariot Toy Cars is easy. Users can rotate the chariot car to perform a range of exciting movements. These may include Go ballistic, Ring rotation, Overlapping rotation, Cone rotation. Adds an element of awe-inspiring spectacle to each playtime session.

1 Invisible Ink Pen  13 cm

This pen is very interesting.

After you've written, the letters are not visible/transparent.

If you use LED light on the cap to shine on it, you will see the words.
1 Keychain  3 * 4 cm 

The super cool assorted design makes the keychain fashionable and stylish. The fashionable character is suitable for both boys and girls.

1 Football Whistle 5.5 x 3 cms

Call a time-out for fun with these football print whistles

1 Goody Bag  24*15*8 cms Assorted Colors Attractive Goody bag to hold all the goodies and carry it back home.

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