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Brain Teaser Combo

This is the perfect combo to challenge your limits!!

This Brain twister puzzle pack will challenge the kids in a constructive and creative path.

The pack contains:

1. Design Ruler

2.Invisible Pen

3. Activity Book

4. Smiley Jumpers

5. Boom Pencil 

6. Goody Bag

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About the product:

Quantity Product Dimension (cm x cm) Usage
1 Design Ruler 20 x 10 cm

Contains: 1 ruler with drawing tool and 3 circles to draw patterns

Usage: Place the ruler on a sheet of plain paper. Place the small circle provided inside the ring. The point of a pen is placed in one of the holes of the circle. As the circle is moved, the pen traces out a curve. Pens of various colors can be used, to add texture and color to the design by switching colors in a set pattern or a random fashion.


Boom Pencil 18cm x2cm   

Pencil with Fancy Eraser. Attractive Boom Pencils with equally attractive fancy eraser tops for the kids.


Invisible pen 13 cm  This pen is very interesting.
After you've written, the letters are not visible/transparent.
If you use LED light on the cap to shine on it, you will see the words.
1 Pop Sucker 6 x 1.5 cms

 Stand at a certain distance and throw the sucker dart on any smooth, non-porous surface, creating a powerful suction, which allows for countless wobbly creations. It sticks on the surface and it takes a little pull to separate them - all at the sound of a pleasurable POP!

1 Smart Activity Book

11 x 15.5 cm

24 pages of non-stop activity and fun with the puzzle book. 

Match the following, join the dots, crossword, colouring and many more.

1  Goody Bag 24 x 15 x 8 cm A bright and colorful assorted colors goody bag, perfect to give the return gifts at the parties.

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