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Aqua Combo

Aqua combo is perfect as a birthday return gift, pinata filler, party prize for little kids attending the party.

The pack contains of each item listed below

  1. Aqua Stickers 
  2. Grow in Water creature
  3. Glow In Dark Aqua Theme
  4. Boom Pencil
  5. Crab Sharpener
  6. Goody bag

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Crab Sharpener

 6.5 x 5 cms Crab Sharpener for mending the broken lead of a pencil.


Boom Pencil  18 cm x 2 cms

Pencil with Fancy Eraser. Attractive Boom Pencils with equally attractive fancy eraser tops for the kids.


Grow in Water

5-6 cms grows to 10-15 cms

Place it in water for about 72 hours. It will expand 600% as original ones. Can be dried out and then grown again. Seriously BIG FUN!. Also an educational experience. Shipped in assorted Character:  Aquatic Creatures. Size :5-6 cms approximately .Grows to become 10-15 cms.


Glow in Dark 

18.5 x 12.5 cms Each pack Contains 8 - 10 stickers. Paste the glow sticker(self adhesive tape provided) set on the clean and smooth wall. Ensure the stickers absorb the light about 15-30 minutes under the light, then turn off the light you will see a magic  view on your eyes. 


Stickers - Aqua

24x10 cms

These stickers are a great addition to any child classroom setting. Can be used for educational purposes to teach children about aquatic animals

1 Goody Bag 24 x 15 x 8 cms
  •  Bright and colorful paper goody bag, perfect to give the return gifts at the parties.

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