Gift Wrapped - 3 in 1 Writing, Puzzle & Colouring Board - Animal

Attractive 3 in 1 Erasable Writing board + Coloring/Painting sheet + Jigsaw puzzle for the kids to keep occupied.

Comes with a pen and duster.

Theme: Animals

Material: Jigsaw/Coloring Sheet: Thick Paper 

             Erasable Writing board: Plastic

Shipped in assorted animal designs and colours

Gift Wrapped

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3 in 1 product 


1. Jigsaw Puzzle (30 piece Puzzle)

2. Writing erasable board 

3. Drawing/Painting 


19*17 cms of each board

Total length of the product 34 cms

Pen with duster dimension: 11 cms

* Shipped in assorted designs of animals, birds, fish, owl etc 

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